Hire A Cabana Boy and Avoid 'Disaboyntment'




Sadness or displeasure caused by the lack of abdominal definition displayed by a topless waiter.

“Having made the mistake of not booking a Cabana Boy, Jenny’s entire Hens Party was left severely disaboynted by their topless waiter’s beer belly.”

It’s a real word...we promise.

Far too many excited guests have found themselves feeling disaboynted when hiring topless waiters. We know what you’re thinking, all topless waitering companies in Sydney are the same and they all boast a vast category of chiseled, well-mannered and charismatic guys for you to choose from or even more daringly, have arrive at your event randomly. This is simply not true and we know this because prior to establishing The Cabana Boys, we worked for numerous topless waitering companies in Sydney.

The screening and interview process (where existent), simply consisted of some very basic brochures outlining the role and oh yeah, a Skype interview to make sure you fit the bill. As laughable as this seems, this is actually common practice for Sydney Topless Waitering companies as it saves time for directors and creates a quick fix. Here at The Cabana Boys we recognised the gap in the topless waitering market to be that of quality and so we conduct our selection in a drastically different manner.

Firstly, we scout our talent through modeling agencies, mutual contacts and social media in order to find guys that meet the physical requirements to be a Cabana Boy. This is the easy part for us however as we insist on meeting all of our potential Cabana Boys in person over a coffee (no muffins around these parts) to make certain that the person we are potentially working with is not only well-mannered and charismatic, but also professional and fun. After this process, we always send our potential candidates on a trial run for free along with an experienced Cabana Boy to make sure they handle themselves like a boss and understand the intricacies of the role.

Becoming a Cabana Boy isn’t the same as being a topless waiter. It’s a tedious process and the boys probably hate us for putting them through so many hurdles but in the end we’d like to think that we turn boys into Cabana Boys.

So next time you want to go ahead and book a topless waiter through that company your aunt Edith recommended, consider this. Your aunt Edith had her Hens 15 years ago and that company is still using the same topless waiters.

Avoid disaboyntment. Don’t book a topless waiter. Book a Cabana Boy.

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