5 Awesome Hens Night Game Ideas

Hens nights are all about entertainment and here at The Cabana Boys, we’re passionate about bringing that entertainment along with us.

Here are our top 5 game ideas to inject a dose of fun and laughter into your special night:

1. Chink and Drink

A great one to warm everyone up, especially at parties that included a lot of different groups who may not have necessarily met each other prior to the Hens Night.


The Rules

Ready your drink ladies. During this game a series of groups are called put and members of the group called out have to “Chink and Drink”. Groups can include the bride’s schoolmates or co-workers who will have to chink their glasses and drink as their group names are called out.

The Desired Effect

Everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and a few Cabana Boy manufactured cocktails to get everything going.

2. Toilet Paper Couture

A fun game that requires toilet paper, a Cabana Boy or two and a whole lot of imagination.


The Rules

The guests are split into even teams and given around 10 minutes to create a wedding dress made entirely out of toilet paper. In the end all dresses are judged. Have some prizes for the winners and some punishment for the losers.

The Desired Effect

Guests get to mingle and work together with this one. You also get to dress up your own real life Ken doll.

3. Post-it Memories

This one is a great one for memory lane. Just make sure this one played a little earlier in the night when reading and listening is a bit easier.

Post It

The Rules

Get all the guests to write an anonymous memory they have of/with the bride. Collect them all and have the bride read them out and try and guess the person who wrote them.

The Desired Effect

Get some juicy information on the bride and have a good laugh.

4. Truth or Dare Pass the Parcel

This is one that needs a little organisation prior to the party but is definitely a crowd pleaser. You will have to have several layers of wrapping paper with each layer containing a little surprise (Lollies, drink cards etc). Also have a list of truths and a list of dares that can be used. Be sure to incorporate your Cabana Boy in these dares.


The Rules

The guests are to be seated in a circle and music is played whilst the parcel is passed around. When the music stops, the guest holding the parcel takes a layer of the gift off (taking the prize) and is given the option of given a truth or dare.

The Desired Effect

Lots of laughs and lots of secrets being expelled.

5. Last Resort Body Shots

If all else fails, lay your Cabana Boy down and proceed to drink liquor off him. Keep an eye on Linda. She gets handsy. Bless her <3.


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