Cabana Boys 5 Favourite Hens Night Cocktails

Don’t get us wrong, we do love your friend Linda’s 50:50 rum and cokes as much as the next person but sometimes you need to step things up a bit.

Here are The Cabana Boys mixologists five favourite cocktails to make your hens night all the more special.

1. Mai Tai


Complete the tropical vibe with this Polynesian favourite.


  • 60ml Jamaican rum

  • Juice of 1 medium lime (Save rind for garnish)

  • 15ml curaçao

  • 7ml orgeat

  • 7ml rock-candy syrup (simple syrup with a drop or two of vanilla extract) mint for garnish

Mix all ingredients together and garnish with the lime rind and some mint leaves.

2. Long Island Iced Tea


This one is mostly alcohol diluted with some coke to appear responsible.


  • 15ml vodka

  • 15ml tequila .5oz

  • 15ml rum

  • 15ml gin

  • 15ml triple sec

  • 30ml sour mix

  • 1 splash Coca-Cola

Mix all ingredients together and throw some lemon in for zest and appearance.

3. Mojito


A Cuban treat and a must on a hot summer’s day.


  • 45ml Rum (Light)

  • 12 Mint Leaves

  • 15ml Lime Juice

  • 15ml Simple Syrup Club Soda / Carbonated Water Garnish:

  • Mint Leaves or Lime Wheel

4. Wetpussy


Whilst technically a shot, it remains a staple of all Cabana Boys hens nights.

  • 15ml Peach Schnapps

  • 1 Dash Cranberry Juice

  • 15ml Vodka

  • 1 Squeeze Lime(s)

5.Linda’s 50:50 mix


When all else fails, always revert to Linda’s 50:50 Rum and Cokes

Bless you Linda.

So there it is, our favourite 5! All Cabana Boys topless waiters are trained in mixology and can whip any of the above on the spot. Inquire within!

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