Cabana Boys Entertainment offers sizzling males who will assist in serving drinks, mingling with guests and bringing their playful personas to liven up your event.
WARNING: Do not consume your Cabana Boy. 

Can I touch him? 


Sure, but please be tasteful. Our boys have 'feelings'...sometimes. 

Can you pick the Cabana Boy/s you want?

We'll be sure to take your preferences into consideration but it does depend on the availability of the guys. Don't worry too much though, they're all amazing.

Can I film or take photos?

Definitely. We're there to make your night memorable. You're going to want to document this one. 

How far in advance must I book?

A week is usually a rule of thumb for us but planning earlier always means you can make sure all your needs are catered to. Don't hesitate to try us for last minute bookings however, we'll do our best to get you a man. 


We service all over Sydney and beyond. Private residences like houses and apartments as well as hotels are all fine. Please email us regarding other locations.


Conservative Crowd?

We arrive at your function fully clothed and can remain that way if that's what you want.