FREE end to end mixology services 


Add a touch of elegance and fun to your event with a CB Master Mixologist! Not only do we arrive at your location ready to make you incredible cocktails and put on a bit of a show, we work with you behind the scenes to organise the perfect cocktail menu for your event!
The best part: It's absolutely free!

Build your own cocktail menu


Don't know where to begin with drinks for your event? Leave it to us. Choose from our list of personalised Cabana Boy cocktails we've tried and tested over the years and create your own menu for your event! We're always adding new cocktails and coming up with crazy new creations so stay tuned! 

Mixology has never been this sexy


We're not there to make drinks and leave you in a state of amazement. We'll get your guests involved! We run little impromtu cocktail making lessons, play drinking games during the process and of course charm you to no end. We're there to put on a show


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Nutella Shooters
Irish cream liqueur, chocolate vodka, milk and nutella
Gummy Bear Margarita
tequila, triple sec, lemon + lime juice, heaps of gummy bears!
Birthday Cake shots
Cake flavoured vodka, vanilla cake frosting, Irish Cream Liqueur, plenty of sprinkles!
Good Tidings
vodka + cointreau + lemon juice + cranberry juice
scotch + lemon juice + honey syrup + ginger syrup
Cabana Spicy Champagne
Sparkling wine + lemon rind + orange bitters
Rum + Simple sugar + Lime Juice
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila + Orange Juice + Grenadine
Classic Cosmopolitan
Vodka + Triple Sec + a dash of cranberry juice
French Martini
Vodka + Chambord + Pineapple juice
Layback Lemonade
Vodka + Lemon Squash + Lemon wedges and cucumber garnish
Master Margarita
Tequila + Triple Sec + Lime juice and salt for rim
Cabana Caprioska
Vodka + Fresh lime wedges + Sugar Syrup
En Amor
Vodka + Triple Sec + Pineapple juice + Lemonade
The Resolution
Vodka + Soda Water + Raspberries and mint leaves for garnish
Classic Mojito
Rum + Lime Wedges + Mint Leaves + Soda Water
Cranberry Gin
Gin + Cranberry Juice + Mint + Sugar Syrup
Gin and Tonic
Gin + Tonic water + Lime wedges for garnish
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